One reason to join a MeetUp group like Muscat Adventures and Social Club is to go to places that one would not dare to venture alone. The hike to Tahery Cave, in the Sharqiyah region of Oman, is one of these places. Firstly, you need a decent 4×4 skills to get to the trail-head. Secondly, the navigation to the cave is tricky. We wandered off our hike on the way back, despite being accompanied by a very experienced guide that visited the place handful of times. No videos from the hike, but you can check out some photo slides below.

Here are directions to the start of the trail. 4WD highly recommended.

And here is the map (one way only)

There is also a possibility to hike through the cave and spend a night inside. Probably the best is to join an experienced company like Husaak Adventures.

Visited in 2019

Oman Aquarium, Muscat ***

The Oman Aquarium started in 2019, it is a great place especially for kids to get close to various fishes and animals. The aquarium features a large number of local Omani fish and animals including sharks, sting rays, turtles, scorpions – as well as many non-local fauna such as penguins and crocodiles. The place is located in the Mall of Muscat. If you visit, do not forget there is an additional option to feed the fishes and turtles.

Short video from the visit to the aquarium
And the longer one…

Both videos were done using the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and were edited in Final Cut Pro X. The music was composed using Garage Band.

Australia, National Park

Pros: Wildlife, spectacular mountain landscapes, a giant stone crater called Wilpena Pound, 4WD

Cons: Very hot in the summer, flies everywhere

One of the best national parks in Australia. It’s a long drive from Adelaide, but absolutely worthy. We recommend you take a 4WD car to enjoy Barachina Gorge. Also, although very expensive, take a flight over Wilpena Pound with one of the companies – we took an early morning flight. We didn’t go up Mount St Mary peak as it was too hot, and we also heard the walk is discouraged by the indigenous people. Please also check out the official website of the park.

The local legend says that the mountain is haunted. I didn’t see any jinns (Arabic: جن‎,) other than Egyptian vultures. Strangely enough, my phone’s GPS completely malfunctioned and didn’t record adequate altitude. Nevertheless, the place is remarkable – offering incredible views of Masirah island and strange rock features. Some sources referred to this mountain as Red Mountain or Jebel Al Hamra (Jabal Humr).

This is the only hike in Oman that I didn’t see a single piece of rubbish, so please keep it clean if you venture there.

Pros: get close to Egyptian Vultures, rewarding views, plenty of solitude as most people come to Masirah to enjoy the sea and fish

Cons: hard to find a trailhead close to the mountain as there are no established trails, you will need a 4×4 to get close to the mounatin (directions below)

Please find directions how to get there (reverse directions from Masirah Island Resort) and coordinates of the loop I took.

Muscat->Mudaibi->Mahoot->Masirah | Andy in Oman (

(a) Geological map of Masirah. Outcrops of the clay locations are shown… | Download Scientific Diagram (

It’s not easy to find a place to watch traditional camel racing as usually there is a limited amount of information about where it happens and you need to befriend a local man before. It took us about a year to finally find the place.

Here are few tips:

  1. Probably the best opportunity to find camel racing is either around Barka, Al Wasil or Masirah Island.
  2. Ask every Omani person that you casually meet if he knows about camel racing – especially if his family is from places mentioned in #1.
  3. You will need an Omani guy to bring you to the race as they are usually in difficult to find places, even if you have coordinates.
  4. Races start early in the morning. Come before the race starts to enjoy the atmosphere… camels and riders coming from different directions, singing, and the morning sun.
  5. Please dress up modestly. Note that only Omani men attend the races.
  6. Enjoy the race and be careful as camels can sometimes run wild.

Al Khalouf or Al Khaluf is a small village between Barr al Hikman and Sugar Dunes. The place is worth visiting as the port is quite busy and there is an interesting hidden cave best viewed at low tide.

Here is the location of the hidden cave.

Check out our video.

This live show is based on Nickelodeon’s hit animated TV series produced by Spin Master Entertainment. PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” brings all the favourite pups that my daughter can name in a heartbeat… Marshall, Zuma, Rubble, Chase, Rocky and Skye. It’s a great entrainment for kids. Check out our video.

Only driving one way takes about four hours from Salalah. But anyone visiting Dhofar cannot allow missing this experience. Perhaps the best is to camp and stay overnight to enjoy sunset and sunrise.

Please make sure you deflate your tires. And go with a local guide and at least two cars.

Pros: Amazing sunset and sunrise

Cons: It’s far from Salalah and requires lots of planning

Most of the time we had mobile coverage. Directions for the last hour of drive you can find here.

The first part of the trail is a steep incline followed by ladders and chains to go up. The Carlons Chains is not for the inexperienced. The NPWS lists it as a climbing route, not a bushwalking route . The latter part through Blue Dog ridge is an unmarked trail full of new trees popping up after bushfires. The loop ends with a path following Carolsons Creek back to Dunphys Campground.

Pros: great work out, fantastic views for the heads, great to see

Cons: Easy to get lost, can be boring to go for kilometers without lookouts and through a dense bush, at least 2 hour drive to the trailhead from Sydney

Our maps you will find here and here. Hiked on 30 May 2021.

Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyah in Oman is an amazing wadi for adventure-seeking travellers who want to test their off-road and navigating skills.

Pros: fantastic off-roading, amazing scenery, roaming camels

Cons: 4×4 driving can be challenging and the path hard to follow – most likely destroyed by flashfloods; lastly, you probably need a full day to properly explore the wadi

We visited the place on the way to Salalah from Muscat in November 2020. Here are directions we followed in the wadi.

Ras Madrakah is an excellent day-trip opportunity for anyone visiting Duqm or on the way to Salalah (through Hasik). Here are coordinates of our trip including some tough off-roading to get to some beautiful beach locations.

Pros: black rocks and golden sand beaches, birds, fantastic camping, great off-roading, great weather even during the hot summer months

Cons: rubbish everywhere especially close to fishing boats, the place looks like a fantastic hiking spot yet no established trails

More: Ras Madraka: The coastal wonder of the Wilayat of Duqm

Pros: beautiful place near Al Khaluf village to enjoy the sea and the sand, lots of birds, great 4×4 drive

Cons: know when the tide is low, so you can drive on the beach; can be windy, so plan your camping spot well.

The place is well described in Oman Off-Road bookRoute 36. Here are my coordinates on how to get there and how to get back to complete the loop. We found only one bit on the track a bit challenging, but overall it’s an easy 4×4 drive – you can see our video here. Lastly, very good mobile coverage, especially when you’re on top of the dunes.

About 3 hours away from the capital of Oman, Muscat, there is a beautiful stretch of sand that borders the Arabian Sea called Wahiba Sands. When you’re in Oman, it’s a must experience. You will have broadly two options, either stay in one of the camps (e.g.  Arabian Oryx Camp or 1000 Nights Camp or many other…) or camping anywhere if you fancy a rougher experience.

Here are some videos from our ‘Crossing Wahiba Sands’ trip back in December 2018 as well as 1) a time-lapse sunset taken with GoPro8 in November 2019, 2) drone footage from the trip in November 2020.

Crossing the desert

Sunset over Wahiba Sands, Oman