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🌊 Dive into the Artistic Ocean! 🎨 Discover the mesmerizing ‘Sculptures by the Sea, Sydney 2023‘ in this vibrant YouTube Short. Witness a stunning blend of creativity and nature, as breathtaking sculptures transform the Australian coastline into a magical art gallery. From awe-inspiring large-scale installations to intricate masterpieces, each piece tells a unique story against the backdrop of Sydney’s iconic beaches. Don’t miss this exclusive sneak peek into Australia’s most enchanting outdoor… Read More

Australian White Ibis – in the regional areas is sometimes called ‘the farmers’ friend’ due to its habit of flocking into areas afflicted by plagues of locusts and gorging on the ravaging hoards of insects. However, in urban areas where many Ibis scavenge on rubbish tips and in city parks, and their plumage becomes soiled by refuse, it is sometimes referred to as ‘tip turkeys’ or ‘bin chickens’.

We recently visited one of the biggest sites with Aboriginal engravings – Moon Rock in Garigal National Park in Sydney, Australia. The place offers a beautiful vantage point with views of the ocean. Some sources say Moon Rock has about 50 engravings depicting Aboriginal astronomical knowledge, lunar phases, and Baiame, the creator-spirit. The Moon Rock loop hike is an easy one that will take you less than an hour. And the trailhead… Read More

Rainbow Lorikeet

This live show is based on Nickelodeon’s hit animated TV series produced by Spin Master Entertainment.