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Supposedly carved 300 bc, a bunch of petroglyphs located near Harim Mountain in Musandam, Oman. Location

My personal list of my favourite ten hikes in Muscat, Oman.

The place is very close to Muscat, yet is quite inaccessible.

The hike is very close from Sa'al Mountain. A short walk leads to a hole and a cave feature that is used for beginner abseilers.

Enjoy interesting rock formations and find fossils in Rock Garden, Duqm in Oman.

Fantastic place to visit for a day, close to Muscat with water flowing all year round, ruins and new/ancient falaj system in As Suwayh, great hiking in Al Awabi.

This is a place that I would highly recommend visiting for any nature lover living in Oman. You will spend at least 5 hours driving there from Muscat, so plan your...

Al Ula in Saudi Arabia - a place of amazing natural beauty and historical significance.

Beautiful park to enjoy Polish coast. Woliński Park Narodowy