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We are a family of FOUR that loves travelling, exploring new places, and enjoying live events.

The blog is less about ‘gourmet’, but sometimes we do overdo our camping culinary experiences.

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Latest adventures:

  • The Rugged Road to Jebel Al Harim, Musandam – Oman
    Jebel al-Harim (also known Jebel As-Sayah or Mountain of Women) is an impressive mountain peak reaching 2056m above the sea level. It is the highest mountain in Musandam.
  • How to Help Your Family Connect with the Great Outdoors
    Photo by Rawpixel Many parents today struggle with the conundrum of how to get their children to spend more time outside. Between a hyper-connection to their technology and being overscheduled, kids aren’t taught that time outdoors is a priority. Unfortunately, this is leading to what experts refer to as nature-deficit disorder. With the potential for indelible effects physically and mentally, it’s important for families to make time outdoors an integral part of… Read More
  • Aboriginal engravings at Moon Rock, Garigal National Park, Australia
    We recently visited one of the biggest sites with Aboriginal engravings – Moon Rock in Garigal National Park in Sydney, Australia. The place offers a beautiful vantage point with views of the ocean. Some sources say Moon Rock has about 50 engravings depicting Aboriginal astronomical knowledge, lunar phases, and Baiame, the creator-spirit. The Moon Rock loop hike is an easy one that will take you less than an hour. And the trailhead… Read More
  • How to Enjoy a Vacation During COVID
    The Gourmet Campers blog is from a family of four that loves to travel, exploring new places, and enjoying live events. Reach out to find out more! How to Enjoy a Vacation During COVID While the COVID-19 virus continues to roil, everyone, but especially children, need an opportunity to rest and recharge. Whether it’s traveling to a distant destination or planning a staycation at home, be sure to wrap things up… Read More
  • Warming up your nursery room with wall stickers
    Great way to decorate your nursery or kids’ room – available through Amazon and delivered from Australia!👍😀🇦🇺