The Gourmet Campers

We are a family of FOUR that loves to travel, exploring new places, and enjoying live events.

The blog is less about ‘gourmet’, but sometimes we do overdo our camping culinary experiences.

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Latest adventures:

  • A day in Australia Walkabout Wildlife Sanctuary
    Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park is a wildlife sanctuary located in Calga, New South Wales, Australia about 1-hour drive from Sydney. The wildlife park is home to Australian native birds, mammals and reptiles as well as some farm animals (goats, pigs, ducks, chickens…). A great way to see a kangaroo, dingo, emu or koala up close. For an additional fee, you can get up close with your favourite animals (we saw and touched a lovely koala). The park offers research and education programs, with visitors able to spend day and night tours.
  • The haunted mountain of Masirah Island
    The local legend says that the mountain is haunted. I didn’t see any jinns (Arabic: جن‎,) other than Egyptian vultures. Strangely enough, my phone’s GPS completely malfunctioned and didn’t record adequate altitude. Nevertheless, the place is remarkable – offering incredible views of Masirah island and strange rock features. Some sources referred to this mountain as Red Mountain or Jebel Al Hamra (Jabal Humr).
  • Traditional camel racing in Oman
    It’s not easy to find a place to watch traditional camel racing as usually there is a limited amount of information about where it happens and you need to befriend a local man before. It took us about a year to finally find the place.
  • Al Khalouf Beach and hidden cave
    Al Khalouf or Al Khaluf is a small village between Bar al Hikman and Sugar Dunes. The place is worthy visiting as the port is quite busy and there is an interesting hidden cave best viewed at low tide.
  • Scenic and desolate – Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyah, Oman
    Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyah in Oman an amazing wadi for adventure seeking travelers who want to test their off-road and navigating skills.