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Enjoy interesting rock formations and find fossils in Rock Garden, Duqm in Oman.

What a great destination for a day trip from Salalah? On the way to Shaat you can also stop at Fazayah beach and Mughsail. There are 3 highlights to enjoy here: the lookouts, hidden beach, and sinkhole.

Wadi Abyadh – geology, water, pools…

A short hike and must visit for anyone visiting Muscat.

Bahla Fort is one of four historic fortresses situated at the foot of the Jebel Akhdar/Shams highlands in Oman.

Taqah Castle - door

Taqah is a small coastal town 30-minute drive away from Salalah, Dhofar (Oman).

Mughsail beach - West side

Mughsail Beach is one of the most touristic places that we chose for our Khareef 2019 trip.

There is no better chance to see camels up-close then travelling to Jebel Samhan.