Petroglyphs of Musandam, Oman

We were very excited to find that there are petroglyphs in Musandam – relics of pre-Islamic culture in Oman. The two places in Musandam are located in Jebel Al Harim and Qida village.

Jebel Al Harim petroglyphs are located close to the peak of Jebel Harim. If you come from Khasab, just before the military base and very close to the helipad, there are a bunch of tracks leading to a beautiful collection of petroglyphs carved into hard rock boulders. It’s a scenic drive to get to the place, but you will need a 4WD and skillful driver. Also, pay attention to the nearby rocks to find some fossils. We were lucky to see three Arabian foxes running across the ridge.

Qida village petroglyphs can be seen from the road and you can get there even in a sedan. Here is the location. Please note the area is overrun by goats. There are several different rocks and boulders with petroglyphs on them. If you walk around around or even climb on them you will spot even more. I will leave to your imagination what is depicted on the petroglyphs. Apparently, there is a detailed description provided at Khasab Castle which as of late 2020 was closed due to the Covid.

If you like both places you may want to check out beehive tombs (e.g. in Al Ayn) and carvings near Al Hamra.

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