How to Help Your Family Connect with the Great Outdoors

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Many parents today struggle with the conundrum of how to get their children to spend more time outside. Between a hyper-connection to their technology and being overscheduled, kids aren’t taught that time outdoors is a priority. Unfortunately, this is leading to what experts refer to as nature-deficit disorder. With the potential for indelible effects physically and mentally, it’s important for families to make time outdoors an integral part of living. 

And while not everyone is in a position to drop everything and head to the forest at a moment’s notice, there are still ways to make connecting with nature a regular occurrence. Here are some suggestions from The Gourmet Campers to get you started.

Start Close to Home

If you want your children to get reacquainted with nature, you don’t have to take off work and drive cross-country to a national park. Rather, you can start right in your own backyard with some simple backyard camping. And if your backyard needs a fence or a little landscaping to get it ready, don’t worry; home improvements like this also boost your home’s appraisal value, making them an excellent investment. 

Another option is a trip to the zoo so that your kids can enjoy the many natural benefits of seeing and touching animals. Live Science also suggests that if you want your kids to spend more time outside, you lead by example. That can include family trips to places like the beach or your local park. Likewise, from astronomy to fossil-hunting, here are 9 Great Outdoor Learning Activities for Springtime, thanks to Earth Science Jr.

Time to Branch Out

If fresh air and exercise are what you’re after, here are 7 Important Ways Hiking Strengthens the Family Bond. You could also load up the family for a camping trip, which is not only a great way to disengage from the gadgets but also includes plenty of fresh air, learning opportunities, and exercise that reduce stress and improve sleep. Or if your kids are craving fresh air but want some time on their own, maybe they’d enjoy a trip to a summer camp.

There’s no denying all the many benefits of modern technology. But nothing can replace the benefits of good, old-fashioned exercise, sunlight, and fresh air. So give your children what they need by turning off the devices and rediscovering the healing beauty of the natural world.

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