10 Great Hikes in Muscat, Oman

If you love hiking happend to travel to Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman sometime between October and March, here is the list of my favourite ones. All of them are less than 1 hour away drive from Muscat.

  1. Crossing Muscat Mountains – great day walk to cross the Muscat mountains. You will need another car to wait for you on the other side. If you hike after some rain, you can enjoy some unexpected greenery.
  2. Sa’al steps – classic hike, fantastic walk to check amazing views, perfect in an early morning.
  3. Mutrah Geotrek – another classic short hike with some nice geological features.
  4. Qantab – few options to explore and enjoy amazing views of Qantab village and beach.
  5. Al Munkhariq trek at Wadi Sa’al – you may not want to explore the wadi, but just to enjoy and wonder in awe how the hole (5 minutes from the start) was created.
  6. Wadi Aqbiyah – pleasant walk with a couple of swim holes close to the start, you can walk as far as you can.
  7. White Mountain – even the start of the trail presents some fantastic views of Muscat.
  8. Mount Baushar – it is about 650m of vertical climb. Beautiful views of Muscat.
  9. Table Top Mountain – any person travelling to Nizwa will notice this flat mountain. Although the top of the mountain is quite flat, the actual trek to the top is a steep scramble that needs a bit of stamina and caution.
  10. La Lasefe cave – well marked, but the relatively difficult trail leading to an abandoned mine.

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