A Solitary September Sojourn: My Experience Hiking Puig Campana

In the serene proximity of the bustling Benidorm, stands the stoic Puig Campana, a majestic peak that not only dominates the landscape but also entwines itself within the local myths and cultural tapestry of the region.

This past late September (2023), I found myself tracing the trails of this monumental mountain, embracing a solo journey that promised both adventure and introspection amidst nature’s quietude.

Challenging Ascents and Nature’s Quietude

The ascent of Puig Campana, while offering an ethereal encounter with nature, is undeniably challenging. The trail undertakes an almost 1,000 m elevation gain, weaving through varied terrains that demand both physical and mental fortitude. From the get-go, I found that the earlier you commence your hike, the better, as the mountain can be merciless under the midday sun, especially during those lingering warm September days.

My hike, which began in the cool, ambient light of early morning, unfolded across 4 hours and 30 minutes. The initial portions of the trail teased with gentle slopes, slowly unraveling into steeper, more arduous paths as I ascended. In some sections, the terrain morphed into a slippery challenge, where every step needed to be measured and cautious.

Navigational Challenges: Marks and Paths

It’s imperative for solo hikers to note that the trails of Puig Campana, while well-trodden, can easily sway you into disarray. The marks along the path, which guide your way, demand vigilant attention, as the mountain has a whimsical way of enveloping you into its vastness, making it somewhat easy to meander off course.

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Breakfast Atop the World

Upon reaching the summit after navigating through its challenging terrains, I was embraced by a panoramic spectacle that rendered the arduous journey immensely worthwhile. The juxtaposition of the tranquil Mediterranean Sea against the rugged inland landscapes was a feast for the eyes. I afforded myself a leisurely 45 minutes atop, where breakfast amidst the clouds, and against the backdrop of distant landscapes, became a memory etched into permanence.

Breakfast with a view

Legends Whispers and the Descent

Even amidst the solitude, one is never truly alone on Puig Campana. The legends, notably of Roldan the giant and his frantic slash at the mountain, echoed with every gust of wind, adding a mythical dimension to the tangible experience. The descent, while easier on the lungs, demands respect for the knees and unwavering concentration, as the steep, at times slippery pathways are relentless.

In the Footsteps of Giants

Trekking through Puig Campana, from its mythical legends, challenging terrains, and the surreal tranquility atop, encapsulates a unique experience that is both humbling and exhilarating. While the mountain stands stoic, the tales, experiences, and memories it fosters are as varied and dynamic as the hikers that grace its paths.

Whether you choose to embark on this journey solo or with companions, Puig Campana stands, as it always has, a silent guardian over Benidorm, whispering tales of giants, warriors, and adventurers willing to embrace its journey.

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As always, prioritizing safety, respect for the environment, and adherence to local guidelines ensure that the trails and tales of Puig Campana continue to be passed down through generations of adventurers.

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