The hidden beauty of Fanja and Bidbid, Oman ***

While technically not Muscat, both places are in Ad Dakhiliyah, Fanja and Bidbid are only 30 minutes away from Muscat Intentional Airport. The area is very close to Sa’al steps which I’ve already covered here. On this early morning trip, I have combined hiking, driving and visiting some historical sights. I started with the walk to the top of the mountain around 6 am and finished the whole trip around 11 am. You will need a 4×4 car to get to the start of the trail as well to the Bidbid viewpoint. Here are the FIVE highlights of the area including: 1) Table Top Mountain, 2) Fanja old town and fort, 3) Wadi Fanja, 4) Bidbid fort, 5) Bidbid Nafaa View Point. Also please check out a short video from this trip. Scroll down for the location of all the places.

1. Table Top Mountain

The hike to the top of Table Top Mountain near Fanja, Oman is an easy. You may need a 4×4 car to get to the start of the trail. It takes about 1 hour to reach the summit. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy the nearby mountains. The place is perfect for sunset or sunrise. I ventured few minutes before the sunrise in October 2019 and you can some of the photos here.

You can find lots of useful info about the hike on Omanitripper website.

And here are the my directions and coordinates for the hike on Wikiloc. There are few other alternatives posted on Wikiloc, but the one I followed is probably the easiest and least technical.

2. Fanja old town and fort

Fanja old town is a quaint 400-year old or so village where you can enjoy nice views and go back in time. The abandoned mud houses and ancient towers that still miraculously stand offer perfect spots for panoramic views of the Wadi Fanja and the surrounding Al-Hajar Mountains.

Check out this article from Oman Daily Observer – The forgotten towers of Fanja.

Few links with more information and photos: The Duncan Adventures, Times of Oman, Experience Oman and Y-Oman.

Here are my photos:

3. Wadi Fanja

A typical Omani Wadi with few pools and opportunity to see Fanja from a different perspective. Check out my photos and the video.

4. Bidbid fort

In Bidbid, very close to Nizwa highway, there is a a small 16th century castle. It’s located close to a wadi and surrounded by date palm trees.

Here is more information about the fort: Y-Oman, Oman Observer, and Experience Oman.

5. Bidbid Nafaa View Point

You will need a 4×4 to get to the top or hike following these directions.

And here is a summary video from the trip.

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