Barr Al Hikman – the wetlands of Al Wusta, Oman ****

This is a place that I would highly recommend visiting for any nature lover. You will spend at least 5 hours driving there from Muscat, so plan your escape well. As this is quite a desolate place where you can easily get lost or bogged down, please do not travel alone.

Our trip’s directions you can find here.

Pros: identify one of nearly 30 crab species and over 80 bird species, drive on ‘sabkha’, enjoy crystal clear waters, plan to go there again!

Cons: 1) you MUST NOT travel alone as it is way too easy to get lost, 2) RUBBISH nearly everywhere so please pack up at least yours, 3) check weather forecast when you go there as the prevalent WINDS can make your stay unbearable (unless you are a kitesurfer)

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