Amazing Fazayah beach and lookouts ****

The trip to Fazayah beach, which is actually more like 4 different beaches, was one of the Khareef’s highlights on a trip to Salalah in Dhofar region of Oman, we visited in 2019 (video).

Pros: 1. outstanding beach – very quite, perfect spots for camping, 2. magnificent views from the cliffs overlooking the beach, 3. delicious camel milk, 4. camels everywhere

Cons: need 4×4 to get to the beach and lookouts.


2. Magnificent views from the cliffs

3. Delicious camel milk

4. Majestic Camels everywhere

The trip to Fazayah beach was one of the Khareef’s highlights we planned to visit. The road to Fazayah beach is thrilling as you go up and down while managing the narrow curves. Then you have to go all the way down, in preferably a 4×4 car, although we saw few people driving ‘normal’ cars. We were welcomed by massive cliffs and a pleasant breeze.

Even better was the trip back to the top of the cliffs overlooking Fazayah beach. There are not well established roads or trails that lead you to the lookouts, but in a good 4×4 you can reach almost to the edge of the cliff to enjoy the views and hundreds of grazing camels. Local camel herders will offer you food and tea, which you just cannot refuse. The real treat is tasting some freshly delivered camel milk, while enjoying the sunset and hearing the stories about the past…

Here is the video from the trip:

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