Al Lasefe cave hike, Muscat, Oman

Not sure if that’s the right name of the cave. The place is very close to Muscat, yet is quite inaccessible. You can park your car next to Highway 17 or if you have 4×4 you can save up about 2km on walking. A well-marked trail will lead you to an interesting cave on the top of a mountain. Inside, you may see Arabian paper wasps and bats. Please check out my video.

Here are directions and coordinates for the hike.

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  2. Al-Assef (Al-Athamd) mine:
    A mining mine is in mountain peaks located at the far north-eastern side of the state of Al-Amarat, where it is in one of the tributaries of Wadi Adi, and it takes three hours to walk back and forth, and a mine is a group of sites excavated at the top of a mountain, including a deep site more than 10 meters deep To facilitate its cutting, and outside there are molts as a result of the process of separating the lavender material from other rocks, so there is a lot of rock crumbs at the site and there are traces of old walls that may have been used in this manufacturing process.
    Commercial caravans were coming from Nizwa and Bahla to buy it so that it could be used in pottery making, where the material was used by adding it to the final layer as dyes for pottery to give it more shine.

    • I am proud that I marked All the path till the cave , I worked in this cave for more than 6 Days . please check the journey
      instagram @la7nalrwahi

      • Thanks, Younis. You did a fantastic job, the place is so close to Muscat – yet you feel like it’s far away from everything.

    • Hi Nabil. I visited the cave few days ago. Do you have any references about its history (date of mining, technics, extracted products)? It looks very old and involved many people… Thanks in advance

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