Abandoned ship at Efftalqut

About 1 hour away from Salalah there is a beautiful cliff and a picturesque beach (Efftaqut). A short, but requiring 4×4, drive from the beach there is a spot you can enjoy a view of an abandoned ship. Quite a surreal view… Check out the video.

Pros: amazing landscapes, imposing cliffs, wildlife (arabian fox)

Cons: need 4×4, lots of exposed cliffs so be extra careful, probably wouldn’t try to go there during Khareef season

There is many roads leading there, so use your judgment. Here is the location.

We don’t know what was the story behind the ship that may have originated from Bahrain. But here is what I could find on the International Labor Website under reported incidents: Crew have completed their contracts and none of the wages have been paid by the owner. Most safety certificates have expired. The vessel is unseaworthy and lacks necessary spares and stores. The Master has been on board for over 12 months, some crew over six months. No official contact with the owner or management since 08 August when satellite communication lost. The crew were trapped in Yemen for over a month in conditions of extreme hardship. The vessel is again about to run out of MGO and will be in blackout making it extremely unsafe (source).

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  2. Any attempt by people to board the ship? I would love to film on it.

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