Shaat overlook and hidden beach

What a great destination for a day trip from Salalah, Dhofar?

On the way to Shaat you can also stop at Fazayah beach and Mughsail. There are 3 highlights to enjoy at Shaat: the lookouts, hidden beach, and sinkhole… also if you’re lucky you may get invited by a local family for dinner and some fresh camel milk.

Pros: beautiful drive, solitude, lookouts, camels and cows

Cons: rubbish on the beach

To visit the hidden beach you will need a 4×4 car. An off-road path goes along the cliff with plenty of lookouts, camels, cows, and places for a picnic. We visited in January 2020 and it could be quite challenging to go all the way down to the beach during Khareef season. Here is the location, the road is not on Google Maps, but it’s hard to get lost and if you want precise driections download

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