How to Enjoy a Vacation During COVID

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How to Enjoy a Vacation During COVID

While the COVID-19 virus continues to roil, everyone, but especially children, need an opportunity to rest and recharge. Whether it’s traveling to a distant destination or planning a staycation at home, be sure to wrap things up at the workplace so you can leave work behind and focus on time with family or friends. Some advanced planning can help ensure when your kids have downtime, you’re planning things to keep them engaged while creating opportunities for fun family memories. The Gourmet Campers shares a few ideas.

Can You Travel?

As the pandemic continues to wax and wane, there are some areas that are still considered dangerous hotspots for travel. Use caution when planning an away-from-home vacation, whether that’s traveling to an exotic destination, or even just visiting relatives in other parts of the country. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control can help you track where COVID is still prevalent, as well as provide guidelines for COVID-related precautions different parts of the country are taking that you’ll need to be aware of, and follow, if you visit. This typically includes protocols around masking and social distancing. Carrying hand sanitizer and frequently washing hands is another wise practice.

Plan a Staycation

A staycation means looking for leisure opportunities in your immediate vicinity, and it can actually be a fun pursuit. Many people live next to attractions that others travel far and wide to see. Areas of historical interest that are within driving distance can be great opportunities to appreciate the wonders your own region has to offer. 

Learn in advance what parks and attractions are open, and what requirements they have around COVID precautions. You may decide to camp by renting an RV, pitching a tent, or even just taking day trips that allow you to see the sights without having to come in contact with too many people. According to, your state’s department of travel and tourism can be a good resource to use when making your plans.

Vacation at Home

While it might seem like we’ve all been spending a lot of time in our homes, there are still some ways to create meaningful downtime when kids are on school breaks. Consider building a patio, a fire pit, or installing a net for badminton and volleyball. 

If you have something like a hot tub or a pool, it’s wise to have a fenced-in place, both for security, safety, and privacy. It costs on average about $4,500 to install a fence, depending on size and materials, but it’s important that you have it done professionally by someone licensed, bonded, and insured who also knows to check underground utilities. Look for companies online by searching “Angi fence installation” and get written estimates from several companies before deciding on a service provider.

Generation Wild notes that getting into the great outdoors is another safe pastime during COVID that can build an appreciation for the natural world. Birdwatching, identifying fauna, learning basic outdoor survival skills, and looking for wildlife can all be things that teach kids new skills. It also allows you to get away from a confined environment, stay healthy, and have fun at the same time. 

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