Wadi Darbat: Touristy wadi and a waterfall you cannot afford not to visit ***

Wadi Darbat Waterfall

Wadi Darbat is a beautiful scenic spot for all nature lovers worth visiting especially during the Khareef (monsoon) season in Dhofar, Oman. We visited the wadi, waterfalls, and lookouts as part of our Khareef 2019 trip. During the Khareef, Wadi Darbat turns into a splendid lush green valley. While it’s the perfect spot for a little family picnic, during the Khareef the wadi is literally packed with locals and tourists who want to experience the green landscaped hills and streams full of water… in Oman.

We highly recommend that you follow the hike to an amazing Darbat Waterfall. The path is not easy, but we did it with a toddler on our backs. Here is the video from the hike.

Darbat Waterfall Hike

And some photos from Wadi Darbat and lookouts surrounding the wadi:

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