The haunted mountain of Masirah Island

The local legend says that the mountain is haunted. I didn’t see any jinns (Arabic: جن‎,) other than Egyptian vultures. Strangely enough, my phone’s GPS completely malfunctioned and didn’t record adequate altitude. Nevertheless, the place is remarkable – offering incredible views of Masirah island and strange rock features. Some sources referred to this mountain as Red Mountain or Jebel Al Hamra (Jabal Humr).

This is the only hike in Oman that I didn’t see a single piece of rubbish, so please keep it clean if you venture there.

Pros: get close to Egyptian Vultures, rewarding views, plenty of solitude as most people come to Masirah to enjoy the sea and fish

Cons: hard to find a trailhead close to the mountain as there are no established trails, you will need a 4×4 to get close to the mounatin (directions below)

Please find directions how to get there (reverse directions from Masirah Island Resort) and coordinates of the loop I took.

Muscat->Mudaibi->Mahoot->Masirah | Andy in Oman (

(a) Geological map of Masirah. Outcrops of the clay locations are shown… | Download Scientific Diagram (

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