Why Al Ula 🇸🇦 will become a fantastic touristic hub?

Just before the COVID crisis started, we had a great opportunity to visit Al Ula in Saudi Arabia – a place of amazing natural beauty and historical significance. We flew to Al Madinah and drove from there to Al Ula. No doubt Al Ula will become a touristic hub for years to come (CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO), thanks to its (pros):

  • Beautiful Nature – mountains, wadis, and rock formations
  • Cultural offer – modern and traditional music
  • Ancient history – Mada’in Saleh complex and Dadan’s tombs

Cons: need more development to enjoy the surrounding mountains

Our rough 3-day itinerary included: Dadan’s Tomb, Elephant Rock, Jebel Ikmah and wadi, Tantora festival, King Abdulaziz Park and Mada’in Saleh complex.

Al Ula highlights

Morning hike in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Traditional Saudi drums

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