Salalah revisited

Our second trip to Salalah to visit few places that we missed during our 2019 Khareef trip. We still have to visit again, but here is the list of eight new places we visited in January 2020. Note: subjective rating from * to ***** based on appeal and beauty:

  1. Abandoned ship at Efftalqut ***
  2. The road to Shaat hidden beach ****
  3. Frankincense Wadi **
  4. Port of Salalah and … turtles **
  5. Canyonlands of Dhofar **
  6. Wadi Ayoon **
  7. The road to Hasik ****

Abandoned ship at Efftalqut

The road to Shaat hidden beach

On the way to the hidden beach, Shaat, Dhofar, Oman

Frankincense Wadi / Wadi Dawkah

Frankincense tree

Port of Salalah and … turtles

Port of Salalah

Canyonlands of Dhofar

Canyonlands of Dhofar

Ayoon wadi


The road to Hasik

Amazing coastline on the way to Hasik

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