Crossing Muscat Mountains – from Al Ḩammām to Al Amarat ***

Pros: fantastic landscapes and views of wadis and mountains, easy to follow, very close from Muscat (20 minutes to the start of the trail from Muscat Airport), few other attractions to explore close to the start

Cons: one way, so you need someone to wait for you at the other end; overhead power lines, but without them we wouldn’t have this fantastic trail

The trail follows a road that was used to build an overhead power line. While technically it’s a road (google maps shows you can drive on it), in many places it’s impassable due to the rain damage.

We visited the area in early February. As the region received plenty of rain a few weeks before, the area was blooming with flowers and green – an unusual sight for Muscat.

DIRECTIONS: Here is the link to the coordinates of the trail. It took us 4 1/2 hours to walk about 13 km with 660 meters vertical gain. It was one way only. You will need another car at the end of the trail waiting for you.

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