Omani ancient engineering in action – Falaj Al Muyassar

One of the remarkable highlights of Oman for any traveller is to visit a falaj – Omani’s ancient engineering in action. The Aflaj (plural form of falaj) systems are ancient water distribution channels. They are located close to the mountains and the majority are in the regions of Dakhiliyah, Sharqiyah and Batinah. In 2006, five Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. In January 2020 we visited Falaj Al Muyassar in Rustaq.

More information about falaj systems in Oman:

In 2006, UNESCO listed the following five aflaj as World Heritage Sites:

  1. Falaj Al Khatmeen
  2. Falaj Al Daris
  3. Falaj Al Malki
  4. Falaj Al Jeela
  5. Falaj Al Muyassar

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