Top 10 of Khareef 2019 – Our trip to Salalah (pics only)

Khareef 2019 attractions Salalah

Our top 10 attractions, in order of appeal and beauty, we enjoyed during the Khareef 2019 trip. Full version.

1. Fazayah beach and lookouts

Fazayah beach lookout
Fazayah beach lookout

2. Jebel Samhan

Jebel Samhan khareef clouds
Jebel Samhan

3. Wadi Darbat

Wadi Darbat pools
Wadi Darbat

4. Khor Rori Reserve and Samharam Old City

Samharam Old City
Samharam Old City

5. Ayn Razat and around

6. Mirbat Castle and marina

Mirbat Castle
Mirbat Castle

7. Efftalqut Beach

Efftalqut Beach from one of the lookouts
Efftalqut Beach

8. Taqah – castle and lookout

Taqah Castle - door
Taqah Castle – door

9. Ayn Jarsis

Ayn Jarsis

10. Mughsail Beach and blowhole

Mughsail beach - West side
Mughsail beach – West side

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