Salalah Khareef 2019 – top attractions in 5 days… with a toddler

Khareef 2019 attractions Salalah

It’s quite challenging to find a comprehensive recommendation or a list of what to visit in Salalah and around. The best time is obviously around Khareef (monsoon) season, which is an unique chance to experience rain and fog in Oman. Below is our actual 5-day Khareef itinerary that we followed, which we proved it’s doable even with a 20-month year old. Without one, you could probably squeeze it into 3 or 4 days. It is based on few sources: Lonely Planet guide, Omani colleagues, 38 Adventurous Routs – Oman Off-Road, Tripadivsor and Holidify website.

Check out our videos with top highlights we visited. We also created few posts describing what we experiences with photos and videos.

Here is also a google map link with all places.

Our 5-day itinerary

Ratings are from * (don’t bother) to ***** (must visit)

So what is Lonely Planet’s itinerary?

In the Lonely Planet guide dedicated to the region there are several highlighted (starred) attractions including:

Not starred, but covered as highlights include (note original to Lonely Planet spelling):

  • Job’s Tomb
  • Picturesque springs – Ayn Razat, Ayn Tabaraq, Ayn Athum, and Ayn Garziz
  • Khor Rouri
  • Wadi Dharabat
  • Mirbat
  • Jebel Samhan
  • Hasik
  • Mughsail
  • Sarfait Road

So what we did NOT cover, but we would love to… maybe next time:

  • Nabi Imran A.S Tomb (in Salalah)
  • Nabi Ayub a.s Tomb LP (aka Job’s Tomb) (30 minutes / 20 km NW from SLL)
  • Cave Teyq and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole (1 1/2h minutes / 80 km E from SLL)
  • Hasik (200km NE from SLL)
  • Sarfait Road LP and Dhaikut (160km W from SLL) (close to the border with Yemen)
  • Shaat hidden beach and lookouts

Please also check out:

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